Class schedule

We meet every Wednesday from 7:15 pm to 9:30 pm for our Sangha Night (Community Night) at the Quaker Meeting House, St John’s Street, Bury St Edmunds. For more detailed instructions on how to find us please see the Contact us page.

Everyone is welcome to come along, whatever their level of experience. The class format is usually meditation followed by a talk or discussion on an aspect of Buddhist practice. If you are new to meditation we can offer full instruction and support.

Although our evenings do follow a coherent programme, each evening is self contained, so it is not necessary to have attended previous evenings in the programme – come along any time.

The classes are by donation. To cover our costs we would suggest you give £5 if you can. However, if you cannot afford that amount, for whatever reason, then please do not let that stop you coming along – we would be very pleased to meet you!


Programme for Winter/Spring 2018 


10th January An introduction to the Buddhist archetypal realm

Who are these beautiful and mysteriously exotic figures that are often seen in Buddhist imagery? They are usually referred to as ‘Bodhisattvas’, but what does that mean? Are they real? Are they just products of fantasy? And what message do they have for us?

On each of the next five Wednesday evenings we will be looking at a particular figure, exploring their qualities, and attempting to answer some of those questions.

17th January Green Tara

24th January Vajrapani

31st January Avalokitesvara

7th February – Ksitigarbha

14th February – Manjusri


21st FebruarySangha Bites

Members of the sangha (community) share their stories.


Buddhism’s take on…

Over the next four Wednesday evenings we’ll be exploring what the teachings of Buddhism have to say about four important areas of life: sex and relationships, money, the environment and work.

28th FebruarySex and relationships

7th MarchMoney

14th MarchThe environment

21st MarchWork (featuring the team from Vajrasana Retreat Centre)


28th MarchArts and culture evening

4th AprilQuestions and answers

11th AprilA celebration of Triratna


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