Class schedule

We meet every Wednesday from 7:15 pm to 9:30 pm for our Sangha, or Community Night at the Quaker Meeting House, St John’s Street, Bury St Edmunds. For more detailed instructions on how to find us please see the Contact us page.

Everyone is welcome to come along whatever their level of experience. The class format is usually meditation followed by a talk or discussion on an aspect of Buddhist practice. If you are new to meditation we can offer full instruction and support.

Although our evenings do follow a coherent programme, each evening is self contained, so it is not necessary to have attended previous evenings in the programme – come along any time.

The classes are by donation. To cover our costs we would suggest you give £5 if you can. However, if you cannot afford that amount, for whatever reason, then please do not let that stop you coming along – we would be very pleased to meet you!

Programme for Summer 2017 

Transforming the hindrances

We can all be be happy, enjoy the pleasures of life and be kind and attentive to our friends. But our minds also have underlying currents we often aren’t conscious of. When we start meditating we can become more aware of subtle mental habits that impede our ability to concentrate or generate greater feelings of goodwill. The Buddha called these unhelpful habits hindrances, and was keen to emphasise that everybody has them; they are quite natural. However, they can be worked with and lessened. Learning to attend to the hindrances is a basic part of learning to meditate and starting to understand our minds more effectively.

In this five-week course we will be providing an introduction to the hindrances in meditation, and exploring how, by working with these habits in the rest of our lives, we can start to change on a deeper level, bringing more awareness, kindness and wisdom to our relationships with ourselves and others.

19th July – Transforming desire for sensuous experience

Led by Sanghajata

26th July – Transforming restlessness and anxiety

Led by Abhayasiddhi

2nd August – Transforming sceptical doubt

Led by Jnanaruchi


9th August – Transforming sloth and torpor

Led by Abhayavajra


16th August – Transforming hatred

Led by Jnanaruchi


23rd August – 108-year Puja

Led by Abhayasiddhi


30th August – Meditation Matters

Led by Abhayavajra and Sanghajata

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