BAM! 2018

What is BAM!?

BAM! stands for Buddhist Action Month. It takes place every June, and invites Buddhists to extend their practice into the world. By orientating our energy and attention towards important issues that usually overwhelm us, we may transform our habits and thereby transform the world around us, for the benefit of all beings.

How can I get involved?

There are two main ways we’re inviting you to get involved with Buddhist Action Month this June:

Special events

You could get involved with one (or both!) of the two special events we’re holding: Meditation in the Park on Saturday, 2nd June and a Litter Pick on Saturday, 23rd June. See the Calendar of events page for details.


If there’s a change you’d like to make to your lifestyle but never seem to get around to it, why not take the month of June to try it out, in solidarity with others?

What sort of pledge could I make?

The pledge you make is entirely up to you, but we suggest that it should be in line with the five central principles of Buddhism: loving-kindness, generosity, simplicity, honesty and mindfulness.

Below are a few suggestions to help spark off your own ideas.


You could:

  • Switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet for a month.
  • Take measures to reduce your consumption of plastics.
  • Become a volunteer visitor at a hospital or hospice.


You could:

  • Set up a monthly standing order to your favourite charity.
  • Spend time looking after your local area, e.g. by litter picking.
  • Aim to give everyone you interact with your full attention.


You could:

  • Have a de-clutter at home and give away unwanted items.
  • Set a daily limit on the number of times you check your email.
  • Have one technology-free day every week.


You could:

  • Write a thank-you card to someone dear to you, telling them what you appreciate about them.
  • Write to your local councillor or MP about an issue you feel is important.
  • Aim to go for a whole month without telling any white lies or engaging in gossip.


You could:

  • Commit to a daily meditation practice, or extend the amount of time you meditate.
  • Go for a mindful walk every day.
  • Make one meal a day a mindful meal, with no TV or other distractions.

What will you do for Buddhist Action Month?

Join in the conversation on our BAM! event page on Facebook here. During the month of May you will also be able to share your pledge on our BAM! noticeboard at the Quaker Meeting House.

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