About Us

The Bury St. Edmunds Triratna Buddhist Community meets in the centre of Bury St Edmunds, at the Quaker Meeting House.

Although centrally located in town, we have people coming along from all over West Suffolk and Norfolk. We also have strong links with the Ipswich, Colchester and Cambridge Buddhist Centres.

We offer introductory and regular meditation and Buddhism classes led by experienced Buddhist practitioners.

Meet the order members

The Triratna Buddhist Order is a spiritual community of people who have pledged themselves to following the Buddhist path to enlightenment. Order members have made that commitment the central point of their lives.



I moved to the Bury area in 2002 and have been involved in helping to run the group since then. I was ordained in 2000 and have been a practising Buddhist since 1991.

Meditation is what attracted me to Buddhism, and it is still my main interest, although I have developed a strong affinity for ritual and devotional practices over the years.

I lived and worked for several years in a Buddhist Right Livelihood community, nowadays I work in Social Care and have been involved locally in a pastoral care project.


Version 2

Although interested in Buddhism for many years, I assumed that, as a westerner, practising it wouldn’t be accessible to me. This all changed when I attended a meditation class at the London Buddhist Centre in 1990. In 1995 I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order, and in 2001 I moved to Suffolk to live at Vajrasana, the London Buddhist Centre’s retreat centre near Bury St Edmunds. This is when my connection with the Bury Sangha began.

As well as teaching Buddhism and looking after the retreat centre, I am a practising artist, and I aspire to express Buddhist values through my paintings.

Over the years, my deepening understanding of Buddhist teachings and meditation practices have had a transformative effect on my life, particularly in the areas of communication and friendship, and in helping me understand the potential of art to express deeper truths.

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